A) Fast Start Training modules

(These training modules only available after Log In!)

First steps to success!
(9 min.)

You constantly learn!
(18 min.)

Card Marketing
(9 min.)

Using the system
(7 min.)

The System - 5 Steps
(12 min.)

The System - The Process
(11 min.)

B) Fast Start Training modules

(These training modules are only available for active subscribers!)

Follow Up and Close
(17 min.)

Is financial freedom in your future? (5 min.)

The Power of Duplication
(6 min.)

What Do You Need for Success?
(10 min.)

The Power of Commitment
(3 min.)

3 Laws of Success
(8 min.)

15 important minutes
(6 min.)

Tablet & Notebook Marketing
(8 min.)
Coming soon!

Compound interest
(5 min.)
Coming soon!

C) Additional Training modules

(These training modules are only available for active subscribers!)

Recruiting & Prospecting Tips
(35 min.)

The Binary Compensation Plan
(5 min.)

D) Network-specific training modules

(These training modules are only available for active subscribers, after you've created your first recruiting page in a related network!)

- Training is a big, big focus of the Back office. In fact, probably the most important thing especially for a new member is to get properly trained when entering the business. You can take those training classes literally anytime you want to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- If you want to refresh your memory on how to find prospects or how to work in "cold" markets, or how to work on prospects, or how to use the telephone all you have to do is go to your website. Click on that "Log in" button. Type your e-mail and password then click on the ENTER. Go into the "Online training" section.

- Okay, so the more you get familiar with the system itself, the more you play around with all these buttons back here and click on different things the more knowledge you are going to gain. The better prepared you are going to be, the bigger chance to work with prospective business members.

- Take training as soon as you can. Keep learning. So get on it today, tomorrow at the latest.

The SmartNetworking™ Team


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Testimonials, experiences (SmartNetworking System)

Franz Roither

Klagenfurt, Austria

"I was very delighted to be amongst the first people to test the SmartNetworking system. As for me the system proved to be perfectly working. I admit that I've been losing my faith in Network-Marketing recently. I always missed the "WHAT?" and "HOW?". This tool makes our work so much easier, it makes us more authentic and it can guide anyone to success. As for me, my group point balance has increased significantly just by showing this system to people."

Elly Plaatsman

Kerkrade, The Netherlands

"I've only been an "observer" in these past 3-4 years. I've been introduced to this system by a friend of mine recently. My first impression was "HERE WE GO!". This is exactly what I've been missing throughout the years, a tool that can actually work for us. I invited a friend, he joined me right away, although I have told him about this business many times before but I just wasn't convincing and authentic enough. My gratitude goes out to you all who helped developing this system!"

Wei Lin Chua

Manila, Philippines

"I began using this system, and my downline has EXPLODED! Your system immediately added 27 solid new members into my downline! This service has caused a tremendous amount of growth in my organization. My checks have doubled. I'm thrilled beyond words with the success I've received using the SmartNetworking recruitment services. I would highly recommend SmartNetworking services to everyone doing network marketing - It can help build your downline quickly."

Zamil Toyo

Kendari, Indonesia

"Wow! What a remarkable system! I'm now having a new person joining my team about every 24 hours. I'm on track to see my team grow into the hundreds by the end of this year! At that rate I'll have far exceeded my goals for this year! I am also now able to show new sign-up's how to use this system to rapidly expand. By far the easiest service I've ever used to grow my downline. This has been a great experience for me. I will definitely tell my friends in my network about you."

Alexandru Popescu

Bucharest, Romania

"I recently joined, and began using your system. I started getting good feedback almost instantly. So far 14 new members joined my downline within four weeks. Plus your system did all the basic work, I didn't have to lift a finger! More and more people are joining my downline, that is causing my group to quickly expand and so too my income! I highly recommend that you try out this amazing system, which can really expand your business."

Karina Nilsen

Vejen, Denmark

"I wanted to let you know what a life changing experience it was using your services. This has been one of the best investments I've ever made in growing my organization. A great many people joined after I began using your service. Your system truely has been the winning formula I needed for a big growth. SmartNetworking System is a fantastic service that's helping me make huge leaps forward. SmartNetworking System is a winning system for improving your recruitment!"


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Testimonials, experiences (9x5.eu)

Gabriela Streit

Liestal, Switzerland

"Dear 9x5.eu Team! I received my business cards today and I'm delighted with them! They're far better than the last business cards I had ordered from another company, which have nowhere near the quality - and cost two times than your price!"

Tatyana Alpatova

St.Petersburg, Russia

"Hi guys! I received my cards yesterday and would like to thank you for the prompt service. I want to let you know your service and product are exceptional and first rate. I'm very happy with the product - now I tell everyone. Big THANK YOU!"

Julianna Pásztor

Budaors, Hungary

"Dear Com-Ware Ltd.! Many thanks for your excellent service! My cards arrived yesterday, 7 days after being ordered and I'm very impressed with their quality. We will certainly continue ordering our cards from you. Thank you very much."

Claudia Böhm

Ulm, Germany

"Your user-friendly website is good fun to work with and it's terrific to be able to see my cards before I pay. I'm definitely going to recommend your service to everyone I know!"

Sabrina Schulz

Erfurt, Germany

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received the business cards. They are great! Thanks for a really great service and excellent communications throughout. I shall be recommending you to my friends...:)"

Jessica Girelli

Milano, Italy

"Ciao!!! Have just received the cards... they are way above my expectations! Well done you have all made a GREAT JOB! I will definitively come back to you if aver I need another job and certainly for card reprint!"